Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pierogis and You!

I'd like to start off this post with a little history of the pierogi. Historians aren't really sure who to credit with the invention of the pierogi. To save them some time, I'll tell you that is was in fact the Poles who were the masterminds behind it. Why else would they be so damn good?

At this point, you may be asking yourself, what exactly makes a pierogi? In simple terms, they are simply half circular shaped dumplings made of unleavened dough. They can be stuffed with a variety of ingredients. The American way is to stuff it with mashed potatoes and maybe some onions. Let me tell you this. Those are pierogis made for peasants! Real pierogis are made from ground meat, mushrooms and cabbage! Polish dessert variations would have strawberries and or blueberries in them.

Now, there are two special types of pierogis that are served on Christmas eve in Poland. One of them is filled with sauerkraut and dried mushrooms. Another which is made in uszkas (smaller dumplings) and are only filled with dried wild mushrooms. The latter of these is served in a clear borscht (beetroot soup)


  1. I'm so glad I clicked saw this on /b/! As a proud american with Polish heritage it's time we take the power back and promote poles as they should be...most importantly as the creators of the perogi! Great post man!

  2. Oh i remember getting Pierogi with strawberry when i was younger, tastes yummi!

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  4. Great post!
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  5. I wanna try this food out sometime.