Wednesday, September 8, 2010

An Awesome Sauerkraut and Kielbasa Recipe

What's more Polish than the good ol' kielbasa? Here is a recipe I've been modifying for a while now. It's great for those who aren't a big fan of plain sauerkraut.

Ingredients (In Imperial Units)
-2lbs of sauerkraut
-1lb of your favorite kielbasa or equivalent sausage
-1/4 cup of brown sugar
-a pinch of caraway seeds
-a pinch of paprika
-a few diced garlic cloves or garlic powder
-a small diced onion, or onion powder

-preheat oven to around 300-325 F
*optional* - rinse the sauerkraut to reduce sodium content
-cut the kielbasa into 1" pieces
-in a large pan or any oven-safe container that can fit a lid, throw in the sauerkraut and kielbasa
-add spices and brown sugar, no need to mix it yet
-throw it in the oven until the kielbasa is done, depends on the depth of the dish you are cooking it in, it may take 40 minutes, it may take over an hour

The brown sugar will give a nice molasses flavor which will balance out the sourness of the sauerkraut. The onion and garlic will help spice the sauerkraut up.

Overall, this dish is cheap to make, easy to make, and very tasty.


  1. I love me some sauerkraut. deutschland ftw

  2. haha would love to make that polish dish sometime!

  3. i might have to try this bro

  4. Honestly it doens't look very tasty but I haven't tried so I can't say. haha :D

  5. love the post... I want to see moar!

  6. I've never been a BIG fan of Sauerkraut but hey I'll give everything a shot once ;p

  7. om nom nom!

  8. Hell yeah looks delicious bro. Little <3 everyday

  9. I never thought of it that way... interesting

  10. that remindes me

    kielbasa sausage.. tenacious D xD

  11. i always LOVEd these polish sausages, the best thing ever~

  12. It looks gross but I like krakowska so I bet it's damn good

    Nice site

  13. yes bassa is the best! but you have to have fresh warm sauerkraut with dill seeds to make it excellent!