Saturday, September 11, 2010

Check out the Chojnik (Chojnasty) Castle!

Let's face it, castles are awesome. So are badass stories revolving around them.

The ruins of Chojnik are tied to the myth of Kunigunde, a castle lord's daughter desired by many knights. As she had no intention to enter into marriage she promised to espouse the bold man who would complete a circuit along the castle's walls on a horseback, knowing that on the steep slopes horse and rider must fall into the chasm. Many tried and perished until a proud nobleman came along, who appealed to Kunigunde's eyes. Though she declared to abandon the precondition and to marry him right away, the knight insisted to take the risk and he succeeded. Instead of accepting her proposal he scolded her for her cruelty and departed. Kunigunde however, deeply humiliated, lunged into the abyss herself.

Bahaha. ^_^


  1. GO POLAND! now following your blog.

  2. Castles do rule. Id kill to live in one. Guess thats probably why there was so much bloodshed in medieval times :P

  3. Pretty sweet castle! I want to get up there sometime.

    It's a shame, because a lot of castles in Poland were destroyed during The Deluge (Potop) and during WWII.

  4. Poland alright but their history doesn't mean much to me.

  5. I could use a good summer home lol.

  6. wow, interesting information!
    I might go to poland sometime soon! (vacations)