Friday, October 22, 2010

Sorry guys, no updates for a while. : (

I'm in the process of closing and reopening my account with my ISP so I can continue to get an introductory rate. The end result will be me saving $420 over the next year. The downside though, is that this isp is retarded. I had asked them to disconnect me on Monday of this week. Instead, they disconnected me Thursday. To make matters even sillier, the way their database is setup it's not possible to sign up for service until the previous service has been discontinued. As a result, I won't be able to get the service back until some time next week.

Haha, I didn't really realize how much I used the internet to kill free time. Yesterday was a realization of that. Thank god I have a bunch of tv shows recorded on my dvr, so that came in handy. Overall though, life was not too exciting yesterday.

Today, I have high hopes though. Going out to the bars, then going to a hanuted house while drunk. That should be a fun time.

While I'm randomly rambling, aside from being bored out of my mind, my house currently smells like duck butter because the sewer pipe backed up. I guess I can help kill this morning and try to snake through it. I guess I'll survive this boring period of no interwebs.


  1. I can understand. Changing ISPs can always save you a lot of money though.

  2. it's okay, will wait for you to post again

  3. Who's your ISP?? I need myself a new ISP RoadRunner's internet dies a lot. It's fast,but it's not stable. :/

  4. @goat My ISP is road runner, haha. The only way to get a stable connection is to complain about your node being overcrowded. I use to call them every month and make a guy come out. Do it enough and they'll add more nodes.

    @ alixander